The Pasadena Running Roses Track and Field Club has an exceptionally strong history of success and our athletic program ranks with the top Track and Field teams in the nation. Our motto guides our goals in both endeavors: “Striding for Excellence”.


The Pasadena Running Roses is a program developed through the City of Pasadena, Human Services, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department. Toi McCoy, the founder of this program, had a desire to provide a recreational outlet for the youth of Pasadena as an alternative to a life on the streets. With a group of five youths, and the determination to succeed, Toi, a community representative at the time, persuaded the City of Pasadena to help make this dream come true, and established this opportunity for youth to develop and enhance their talents. The program is funded primarily by the registration fees, our annual track meet, Parent Booster Club supported fundraisers, and individual donations. These funds help to pay for track meet entry fees, equipment and some travel expenses.

This program is administered within guidelines as set forth by the City of Pasadena by laws, and governed by an Advisory Board made up of parents/guardians whose youth participate in the program.

General Information

Practice site:
John Muir HS Track & Field
M-Thur 5:30-7:30
January 16, 2018 – July 29, 2018

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